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Commercial waste management company London, UK are deeply concerned about illegal trade of plastic waste in Malaysia. The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur has stated that it is “deeply concerned” with the illegal trade of plastic waste and we second the same sentiment.
Lawmens, as one of the UK’s leading commercial waste management Company in London, discusses recent reports of illegal plastic trading.
Following reports that Malaysia will return 3000 tonnes of contaminated waste to the countries that shipped it to then, ensuring that the country does not become a dumping ground, the high commission has stated that: “whilst we recognise that there is a legitimate export market for plastics – particularly for countries that manufacture new products from recycled plastic waste, we condemn companies which export unrecyclable plastic waste illegally”.
As an expert commercial waste management company London, we hold the ethical management of waste, particularly plastics and other non-recyclables, in the highest regard. We are one of the few commercial waste management companies who commit to a “100% diverted from landfill” policy and live up to such standards.
The British High Commission reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Malaysian government in tackling this immediate issue, which would include sharing the UK’s information and collaborating with the ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change.
Transparency is key as we must all ensure that such activities are properly tracked and recorded, ensuring that such processes are completed in an ethical manner. At Lawmens, we have a cloud based client friendly system that works to support our commercial waste management works.
Each of our clients is provided with a unique login, accessible through an online portal, where they get real time updates on their waste and its journey. In addition, every project is summarised with a marketing leading waste report, ensuring full transparency and efficient commercial waste management.
Sanctions are also important as a deterrent and those found exporting waste illegally can face a two year term or unlimited fine.
The UK government is also a signatory on the Basel Convention, which is currently considering an amendment to state that mixed plastic contaminated waste exports would have to be consented to by importing countries.
We will, along with every other commercial waste management company London, endeavour to ensure that waste is handled in an ethical manner and where possible diverted from landfill and recycled. We all have a shared responsibility to protect the environment.

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